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ELV, AV and Access Control

Company Name: Oman Insurance Company Head Office at DAFZA

Requirements:  To provide Audio – Visual (AV) facilities to the head office of Oman Insurance Company at DAFZA.


Oman Insurance Company’s head offices in DAFZA wanted its twenty meeting rooms, boardroom, conference rooms and training rooms to be equipped with state-of-the-art AV capabilities. 


Design and Implementation:
Seven Seas Computers provided a solution that matched the size and seating capability of the rooms. While the boardroom and the conference rooms were equipped with a ceiling mounted projectors and automated screens. As the seating arrangement in the conference room needed to be flexible, wireless microphones and ceiling mounted speakers were used. Control is each room was provided by wireless Creston Touch Panels. Eleven of the meeting rooms were to sit 6 persons, so a wall mounted 42” PDP was used. Similarly the meeting room with 8 seats had a 50” PDP mounted on the wall. Finally, 3000 ANSI lumen projectors were used for the meeting rooms with 10 seats. Finally, Video Conference capabilities were incorporated in the conference rooms. Additionally, the GM’s and the Chairman’s offices were made AV ready, by incorporating a wall mounted PDP, DVD player, Set Top Box for satellite channel reception, and a computer.


Customer Testimonial:
We had conceived the idea of having the modern way of communicating internally and externally with our clients. Having implemented the AV solutions in all our meeting rooms have helped us work in a different styles where all business units are more structured in their business plans and propositions and much in clearer in approach. The overall satisfaction has been very pleasing by all relevant department heads.


Company Name: AL Habtoor Corporate Office

Requirements: To provide a modern and easy-to-use Audio – Visual systems in the group corporate office comprising of meeting rooms, conference rooms, majilises, and the dining areas.


Seven Seas Computers were awarded the task of designing, implementing and commissioning of all the AV needs of the newly built corporate office for the Al Habtoor group.


Design and Implementation:

Seven Seas Computers provided a comprehensive solution by designing each room according to its utility and function. The CEO’s office and meeting room has a 2 x2 video wall of bezel-free PDP’s, which takes inputs from Set Top Box; DVD; PC and CCTV. Sound was reproduced from the ceiling mounted Extron speakers, after being routed through necessary amplifiers. The Chairman’s office, majiles and meeting rooms had 50” displays mounted on walls, which could take inputs from DVD, Set Top Box or from the computer. The MD’s office and meeting room was similarly equipped. Control for all systems was through a Crestron wireless touch panel, which was programmed to take-over all functions of the remote controllers. Three other meeting rooms and a conference room was also equipped with AV capability, only using 42” PDP’s. Control was realized by Creston wireless touch panels.


Video Conferencing in the meeting rooms and conference room was provided by Polycom’s HDX 8000 units. A 30 seat auditorium is equipped with a cinema projector and screen, wherein regular films may be screened. With wireless microphones and a regular projector, it is possible to have a presentation from the computer also.


Customer Testimonial:
With this setup in place, various business groups across Al Habtoor can avail the facilities for various business engagements and forums with their own clientele and partners. We had few challenges with Seven Seas’s ability to address the variations required by different management profiles internally. But, having understood the culture of the group functioning and clientele, it was easy for them to perceive and accomplish the project though with a slight delay. Overall satisfaction has been pleasing and well acknowledged.


Company Name: The Rare Bar – Media Rotana

Requirements:  The management of Media Rotana decided to open a new bar for its elite customers; it wanted an audio system to match its patrons taste. 


The three zones in the Rare Bar needed different levels of music to be played back as the areas were mutually exclusive.


Design and Implementation:

The Rare Bar is unique in the way it has one common area and two more exclusive semi-private areas. The management of the Rare Bar wanted music to be heard in all areas, but at different levels depending on the requirements of its patrons. Seven Seas Computers took on the challenge of designing such a system where the levels in each zone were independently controlled. In the common area the sub-woofer was placed on the floor next to the DJ booth, to get a rich reproduction of the sound. In the exclusive areas, SSC used the Ultra Compact ceiling mounted speakers from JBL direct radiating sub-woofers from JBL also. A 6x 4 zone controller from DXB was used to control individual zones.


Company Name: Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority - Dubai

Requirements:  DMCC is the master developer and licensing authority for the Jumeirah  Lakes Tower (Free Zone) one of the largest mixed use free zone developments in Dubai. The authorities were looking for sophisticated Audio Visual System to integrate in their facilities at the 49th & 50th Floor of  Almas towers.


Automation of Audio Visual System and Video distribution for their meeting room and conference room 


Design and Implementation:
These rooms required modular furniture so SSC developed the AV system so that different configurations are available to the client without compromising AV functionality. The system features recessed ceiling projectors and screens along with a video distribution system featuring four 60”LCD displays that are controlled via the control system’s wireless 2-way Crestron touch panel and Matrix Switcher from Extron. Integrated audio system is achieved through ceiling mount Extron speakers that can be re-zoned based on room configuration. A few simple touches on the control panel allow meetings to be set up in seconds.


In the Design process SSC developed the AV system options for each room. These options drove a critical process of DMCC gaining visibility to the various costs involved with AV systems. Ultimately, DMCC was able to decide exactly where to invest their capital, based on the level(s) of system functionality that they needed in each of their meeting and conference rooms.


Company Name: MIDEAST SHIPPING - Dubai

Requirements:  MIDDLE EAST SHIPPING CO.LTD, popularly known as “MIDEAST"
established in October 1962, its management is run by professionals with maritime and logistic background on modern administrative and operative techniques.  The management opted to have Audio Visual and Access Control system in their new office at Tecom (free zone) area



Automation of Audio Visual System and Access Control System for their new Office facility


Design and Implementation:

37th Floor 10 PAX meeting room, SSC designed and developed the AV system and recommended use of projection system using the NEC DLP projector with a fixed ceiling mount; we suggested the projection screen as the 100” DALITE DESIGNER CONTOUR ELECTROL projection screen, two quality EXTRON ceiling speakers that will be distributed throughout the room powered from a professional EXTRON ENERGY STAR RATED power amplifier.


The system is capable of connecting one computer from the desk and one from the cabinet along with an additional video source such as a DVD player (not included), a EXTRON wall mount controller and will turn the projector on, bring the screen down, allow for selection of inputs and adjust the volume, this controller have been chosen for its ease of use.  The projection screen was hidden in the ceiling when not in use.


Access Control System:
SSC designed and suggested that each office to lift lobby entrances have access card controls, a card reader which was placed on the inside and outside of each entrance, an exit button and emergence “break glass” was on the inside of each entrance, each of the two receptionist desks had an additional exit button for ease of use from the reception area. The doors used magnetic locks with the capacity of 600lbs. A central controller was located in the MDF/Server room, as the controller is IP enabled, will allow for remote access and monitoring. SSC integrated a card reader to access the server room, with an exit button and “break glass” on the interior.

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