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As the CEO of Seven Seas, taking the helm at a time when the business world is transiting through an arduous period is thought provoking. It is apparent a paradigm shift is taking place in the ways businesses manage their operations to brace through the current challenging business environment. The Financial Services Industry, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism are facing major challenges. With this I wish to reassure our stakeholders that Seven Seas is well positioned to bring the value propositions to address your challenges.

At Seven Seas our unique DNA has been our time tested processes, which is improvised on an ongoing basis in conjunction with cutting edge technology. The effective combination of people, processes and technology, smart work practices and teamwork is the driving force in ensuring our competitive edge. We invite our stakeholders; employees, customers and principals to be inspired in our passion for continuous improvement. This ethos is best depicted in the Seven Seas logo, based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s, ‘The Vitruvian Man’, which embodies that concept of human achievement and embraces the spirit of innovation, creativity and continuous improvement.

The greater cause towards our loyal 1000 plus customers is to place our intellectual assets (people), time & service ethos to add value to their IT assets providing higher efficiency and improved business delivery. Maximizing IT return is even more a burning issue for CEO’s and Boards. Today, we are a 28 years young, dynamic, well diversified IT solutions provider encompassing infrastructure, enterprise computing, managed services and consulting partnering with industry standard technology companies. A single window can lead to cost synergies and we see many of our customers realizing the value of having a single source for their IT products, services and support. Let us show you the savings in having a single provider for your Voice, Data, Computing, Services and even outsource/manage your facilities.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking time to read this message.

Nayagam Pillai
Chief Executive Officer

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