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Microsoft Reinvents Certification
Microsoft Corp. announced changes to its Microsoft Certification Program for IT professionals and developers, designed to specifically address the growing skills gap in the technology industry. As jobs...
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HP's Apotheker Is Out, Meg Whitman
Leo Apotheker was made the president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard on September 30, 2010. Today, just shy of a year later, he has stepped down from his post and HP’s board of directors appointed Meg...
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Windows 8 Preview
Windows 8: Introduction, features and requirements After the grand success of Windows 7, the next version is set to hit the market soon -- Windows 8. Yes, but before that a preview of it has already...
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Steve Jobs quits as Apple CEO
Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple Inc on Wednesday and passed the reins to his right-hand man Tim Cook, saying he could no longer fulfill the duties in a stunning announcement that raised fears his...
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Google buys Motorola Mobility for
Internet giant Google will buy US telecom maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash, giving a boost to its Android mobile operating system, the companies said Monday. The firms have entered...
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IBM pursues chips that behave like
COMPUTERS, like humans, can learn. But when Google tries to fill in your search box based only on a few keystrokes, or your iPhone predicts words as you type a text message, it’s only a narrow...
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