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Hospitality software vendors have yet to provide ERP-like software, which includes a complete suite of modules, including Front Office, CRM, P0S, Financials and more. The industry continues to deploy standalone ‘best of breed’ systems from different vendors with interfaces - an approach long abandoned in other industries during the early 90’s. This is especially true of market leaders. There are a new breed of vendors who have released integrated solutions but fall short in either meeting the full extent of functionality demanded by a five star hotel, or designed with best practice standards as applied in software for Banking, Manufacturing and Telco.


"What impressed me most about momentohs® enterprise is the completeness of the vision. Within the first few minutes it becomes clear that momentohs® enterprise can't be compared to standard products on the market today." Keith Gruen, ex co-founder of Fidello

momentohs® enterprise is designed and built by a single team. Its singular objective is to look at hospitality from ‘outside looking in’. We have examined at micro level the functionality of current industry ‘best of breed’ Front Office, Back Office, Point of Sale, Food & Beverage, Guest Experience Management, Event Management, Spa and others. These are milestones to break, not copy, and our approach has been to import the best practices from Banking, Telco, Manufacturing and Real Estate. Furthermore, we have looked at standards in ERP, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Security, Business Model Design and more, where leading edge best practices from each of these are incorporated into the design.


Our team is focused on adding rich functionality deployed with creative user-friendliness, extensive GUI features and stylish presentation. This is the power of thought and innovation in defining the new milestones for the next generation Hospitality Management Software (HMS). momentohs® enterprise is the most comprehensive, advanced and state of the art HMS today, unmatched in providing superlative business value to a standalone property or a chain hotel group, city or resort, large or small.


momentohs® enterprise is the most advanced and truly integrated hospitality management system today, far exceeding current industry standard software.


Utilizing Microsoft Windows operating systems and Microsoft SQL server based technologies, momentohs® enterprise is a comprehensive seamlessly integrated business management system with 12 functional modules covering all aspects of hospitality management. Being modular, it facilitates the independent deployment of each module, even allowing a phased approach. The modules are Front Office, Food and Beverage, Event Management, Call Billing, Guest Experience Monitor (GEM), Spa, Central Reservation, Web Reservation, POS, Fixed Asset, Business Intelligence and Financial. Third Party software such as HR and Payroll as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be seamlessly integrated. The latter is especially constructive in managing business to business relationships in conjunction with our Event Management module.


Integrated vs Interfaced



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