Retail Modules


Smart Track          

- It is a sub product of momentohs® suite.            
- PABX connectivity through COM port, TCP/IP or File Settings             
- Identity fraudulent use or abuse of telephone systems            
- Generate comprehensive billing and analysis reports            
- Determine the optimum number of lines required            
- Identify areas where employee productivity can be improved            
- Monitor specific trends and events and raise alarms as appropriate            
- Compare costs between carriers to determine the best carrier based on actual usage            
- Analyze all calls in real time, through a simple and intuitive graphical interface            
- Export reports in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and CSV            
- Master Entries for Location, Service, Package and Employee            
- User Access Security            
- Missing call data records for calls that should be recorded            
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Point of Sales (Restaurant & Dining)            

- Advanced Split & Merge Checks/Tables            
- Parking & Consumption Management            
- Promotions Pricing Management (e.g. happy hour, special discounts etc.)            
- Graphical Floor Plan            
- Modifier & Add-on Handling             
- Server & Covers Management             
- Easy switch-over with Fine Dining/QSR/Restaurant             
- Dynamic Promotion Pricing            
- Table Reservation, Service & Management            
- Dynamic Table Arrangement & Layouts            
- Table & Server-wise Revenue Analysis            
- Service Time Analysis            
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- Warehouse Management            
- Bin Management            
- Multi Currency Management            
- Multi Location Inventory Management            
- Menu & Recipe Management            
- Approval facility on all the transactions with hierarchy and values            
- Audit Tracking & Controlling of Inventory            
- Security Level Access            
- Easy item request and Quotation generation            
- Price enquiry option with various vendors            
- Enquiry response analysis and vendor wise price analysis for procurement            
- Purchase request consolidation process            
- Automatic request generation for stock as per re-order level and re-order quantity            
- Stock intake with quality process            
- Landed costing process with various costing methods            
- Reorder Analysis for Inventory            
- Slow/Fast movement Item analysis            
- Expiry & Overstock Management            
- Daily consumption levels of inventory with analysis            
- Inventory transfer process            
- Stock verification and analysis             
- Stock adjustment with approvals                
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- Guest Medical Tips            
- Service Pricing Management (e.g. special discounts)            
- Employee Daily Attendance and Work Allocation            
- Appointment for In-house, Reservation and Walk-in are configured separate            
- Single and multiple appointment service entry            
- Location and Employee-wise Graphical SPA Plan            
- Single and multiple settlement entry            
- Multi-Currency Payment Process            
- Tips & Tax Management            
- Inventory Management            
- Product/Service/Package classification and assignment            
- Audit Transaction Control            
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